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活动状态:规则 15-101 等。序列核磁共振分析仪

活跃状态的律师在新墨西哥州最高法院认可的律师名单上。 An active member is in good standing and has full voting privileges and is eligible to hold any elected or appointed office.

非活动状态:规则 17-202(D) NMRA

非活动状态适用于有资格获得活动状态但目前不在新墨西哥州执业并已完成非活动状态申请的成员。在会员处于非活动状态期间,没有继续法律教育要求。会员费为每年 100 美元。

Pro Hac Vice:规则 24-106 NMRA

被授权在任何州或国家/地区的最高记录法院执业的律师若想代表新墨西哥州的客户或当事方提供法律服务,应查阅规则 24-106 NMRA 中有关 Pro Hac Vice 授权的规则和程序。

有限许可:规则 15-301.1-.2 NMRA

有两种类型的有限许可:公共雇员有限许可(规则 15-301.1 NMRA)和法律服务提供商有限许可(规则 15-301.2 NMRA)。

名誉身份:规则 24-111 NMRA



从非活动状态恢复:规则 15-302(B) NMRA

要恢复为活跃会员,需要获得 State Bar(对于不活跃的律师不到一年)或律师委员会(对于不活跃的律师超过一年)的授权。如需通过 State Bar 恢复,请联系 [email protected].如需恢复,请访问 BBE 将进行个人和专业背景调查并验证继续法律教育记录,以确定是否存在需要完成的上一年赤字。会员还需要支付 State Bar 许可费。一旦恢复,成员将受到年度许可证更新和 MCLE 要求的所有部分的约束。

撤销状态:规则 24-102(F) NMRA

If you’ve considered all of the options available, such as inactive status, and you still feel that you would like to give up your license, the proper method is to voluntarily resign. This requires notifying the New Mexico Supreme Court and the State Bar in writing of your intent, which will then allow you to relinquish your New Mexico license without the suspension that would occur if you simply chose not to pay your mandatory fees. Email the Supreme Court at [email protected] and copy [email protected] to begin the process. If you withdraw from the State Bar but determine later on that you need an active license to practice law in New Mexico, you will need to go through the Board of Bar Examiners to either retake the bar exam or be admitted through the reciprocity rule (unless otherwise ordered by the New Mexico Supreme Court).